A Beautiful Universe

August 19, 2006

From the smallest bundles of energy to the densest stars and blackholes, I wonder about every part of our universe. I want to know, especially, if it’s possible that maybe we aren’t equipped (as a species) to come to understand it, as we are. After all, isn’t a bacterium’s universe very small to ours, a bird’s, a fish’s; and we would say they are not capable of comprehending our universe, or even if they were they wouldn’t necessarily have the appropriate senses to detect what we would identify as evidence for it. Just as we cannot smell in the way a dog smells, or see as an osprey does, or hear as owls do. In what way would our perception of the world change if we found that, indeed, there were things present which we simply could not detect, given our limitations. How and when will we discover if we have such limitations? Despite them, could we still unravel the mystery of the universe, so disabled?

Meanwhile, I pray that we will not destroy ourselves, nor continue to diverge as we have, fracturing into sub-groups of sub-groups; I want us to find the answer to this mystery. I want us to see the bigger picture. It matters little that I most likely will not be here…: We are all one, together, and I wish we would share.