September 14, 2006

I’ve taken to saying “these days” a lot… So let me say what has been happening, or existing, these days:

I haven’t been very responsible, these days.

“Liz, you’ve been so busy these days! You’re such a busy girl.”

These days, my best friend and I don’t get along too well.

I’ve seen much of Jacob these days.

These days, I walk a lot.

These days, I haven’t had time to read.

These days, the only thing that’s saving me is Oolong tea.

“[My brother and I] don’t get along that well, these days.”

I listen to a lot of Longwave, these days.

These days, I am doing better with God.

These days have been very rainy.

A word about Jacob… A shared with him the names of some of my journals, and he let me read some things he wouldn’t have let me read otherwise. We trade a lot of things. I like to just give him things, though, too, because that’s what I do with people I love. I don’t want anything back when I give them things, a lot of times. Sometimes I like to trade with Jacob because it reminds me of trading things when I was little. Like swapping cookies and fruit snacks and pop-tarts at the lunch table in my elementary school cafeteria. Or trading toys with my brother. “I’ll give you Little Bear and Wheels for that monster.” “Okay.” But what I like best is to trade ideas, and Jacob does that most ardently. It really is an “exchange of ideas”.

Last night, we gave each other tests to take, about ourselves. Even though lately I feel like I never have any epic thoughts, Jacob always makes me feel otherwise. He says things to me that nobody else has ever said. It’s quite amazing, although sometimes I’m afraid I’ll begin to think too highly of myself– I fear he already does…

Things are in development. Things are rainy, slippery, and wet; but things are good. Just as God is good.