The year 2008 came and went, without a word from me here…

I spent many words elsewhere; not to worry.

Many things happened, too. The first black president was elected to the office in my home country. R.E.M, Coldplay, and Radiohead all released fantastic albums. Planets were imaged around stars other than our own. Ice was discovered on Mars.  And China hosted the Summer Olympics in Beijing with much extravagance.

Things changed a lot for me, too.

I graduated from college.

I worked at camp again after two years of being gone, this time as their Program coordinator, a job I’d never done before.

I started volunteering for a community organizing non-profit.

I became a barista.

I completed Sexual Assault Counseling/Advocacy training for the Listening Ear.

I lost a friend.

I gained some friends.

I stayed with Kashif.

What will two-thousand-and-nine hold? Only time will tell, but I have my hopes.

I hope I get accepted into the Peace Corps.

I hope I accomplish some measurable good on behalf of the non-profits for which I volunteer.

I hope I read dozens and dozens of books.

I hope I make new friends.

I hope I keep old ones.

I hope I stay with Kashif.

And as Aristotle says, “Hope is a waking dream…”