The Fountain

March 19, 2009

“Circles. He leads us in circles.” Circles (the bubble, the ring, etc.), as well as triangles (the pyramids, the constellation, etc.). Rings like tree rings, which determine length of life: “You pulled me through time.” Repeating patterns (the elevator, the stars behind the altar). Stars, candles, trees, lamps, snow. Snow: falling stardust.

The season of Winter.

The colour gold: in stars/nebulae (Shibulba), in eyes, in altars, in candles/lamps, in other forms of light. The colours black and white: the contrast between Izzy and Tommy.

Captain– he is called so in both the past and the present. Past, present, and future.

The Tree of Life, coincidentally, has sap that looks a lot like semen. Life-giving fluid.

Also, writing: the pen and ink, the book. Izzy as the Queen is often writing. Izzy is often shown with a notebook.

Mentions of roads (“The Road to Awe.”), quests (as to New Spain), the journey to Shibulba (“We’re getting closer”, “We almost made it) symbolic of the journey to enlightenment/realization. His clothes begin as very black, gradually becoming lighter, until at the very end when they are very white.

Shadows versus light: “Every shadow no matter how deep is threatened by morning light.”

“I almost made it.” “You know how it ends.” Inevitability of death. “I am going to die.” Acceptance.

Kneeling before the tree, as before the altar. Symmetry (as in the lotus position, the bathtub, the temple).

He accepts that he is going to die; he finishes the book, and realizes that death is the end, and also the beginning. A circle, again.