Letting Go

January 1, 2014

It seems strange to me that I most often remember this blog when the year is changing. Not that I always write in it at those times… So it goes.

As you know, I am not one for making new years resolutions. Nevertheless, I feel there are some promises I must attempt to make and keep for myself. They are simple, but will be very difficult to fulfill…:

First: Be open. If i am to learn anything about myself, or anything at all, i must be Open. i think this Expanding has begun already, but i hope it will take me to new heights this year and every year from here forward. Admittedly, i’m scared, but “fear is a friend whose misunderstood”, which leads me to…

Second: Be brave. Don’t be afraid of others. Don’t be afraid of yourself. Don’t be afraid of the New. Of the Old. Of the Known and the Unknown. Or of Fear. Perhaps i don’t known what fear is, but i intend to try to understand, this and else. Which leads me to…

Third: Let go. If i am to be open, i must let go…of much. i must let go of my anxieties and fears, my desires and hopes, in order to understand them. i must let go of my expectations. i need to be flexible, which is always a challenge for me… i need to learn to bend. if i can let go, i think it will help me gain perspective on what i really Need and Want, that it will help me understand my Self better…and maybe others, to some degree, as well.

Finally: To Know is to Love. i don’t know if this is true, but regardless of how well i come to know myself, i intend to love my Self better. i am an infinite spirit in a finite person; if i do not love my Self, how can i love anyone else? How can i love the Universe? Therefore: Love Thyself.


Every day i must remind myself of these simple koans, meditate on them, and do my best to live up to them. i will start right now by saying,

i love you.