Things I Want to Work On

May 15, 2014

I’m hoping to get some clarity on any of the following…

My relationships– with my mom, my dad, my brother, my friends, my previous partners, my future partners. How are these things affected by the past, as I suspect they are? What can I do to improve them?

My Self– things about myself that I don’t understand, things I might be lying to myself about, things that I should try to improve about myself, things that are positive about myself.

Other people– is there such a thing as collective consciousness? I believe there is, but how can I understand it? Can I access it? How am I connected to other people, how does my energy affect theirs, how does theirs affect mine?

The World– not just people, but everything else that makes this World what it is. Do I have a place in it? Should I worry about it? How can I tap into the consciousness of the World?

The Universe– where does it come from, what set it in motion. Is order an illusion? Is everything actually in chaos?

Love, Truth, Oneness, Freedom


These are some things I want to know about.


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