Cloud Atlas

December 31, 2012

Things are often late in coming to Cambodia, especially movies. So by the time I picked up Cloud Atlas at the Night Market, I’d already heard a fair amount of reviews– though I always stopped them short of plot-spoiling even a tiny bit. I can’t stand plot spoilers.

Cloud Atlas

First Impressions

This was a movie about slavery. And simultaneously, freedom.

Through various times past and future, through the interconnected lives of many characters, the story plays upon the theme of standing up for what is right…even when we think we lack the courage.


Buildings; landmarks;

the tower where the composer awaits his lover

the satellite at the top of the mountain


Journeys; climbs

Overcoming great odds

Dark vs Light

Succumbing to fear

Resisting fear, even when we lack bravery


the marginalized

race; gender; sexual orientation; age; socioeconomic status;

the Other


fighting back against insurmountable odds

a drop in the ocean… “Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”